Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance (CASKO) is a simple solution for car protection.

CASCO is one of the most popular and reliable methods of car insurance coverage. Vehicle repair and recovery after damage or the theft of a vehicle requires financial investments from the enterprise, and in case of concluding a CASCO insurance contract, the insurance company will take all the costs.

Insurance may include vehicles subject to state or departmental registration, transit vehicles: trucks, cars and utility vehicles, vans, tractors, buses, other passenger vehicles, motor strollers, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, snowmobiles, motor scooters, other motor vehicles, tractors, motoblocks, vehicles created on the basis of the listed vehicles, combines, vehicles used in construction, skom and communal services, as well as road repair and equipment, and any other self-propelled vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers for motor vehicles.

Insurance rates for cars from 2.7%, for tractors from 1.2%, for trailers / semi-trailers from 0.8% of the sum insured.

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Insured events are loss or damage to a vehicle and (or) additional equipment as a result of:

  • traffic accident;
  • natural Disasters;
  • fire, explosion;
  • animal actions;
  • failure under the ground;
  • falling objects;
  • illegal actions of third parties;
  • vehicle theft, theft of the vehicle or its individual elements, theft, additional equipment or its individual elements.

Advantages of vehicle insurance in UIC «BelVEB Insurance»:

We focus on the interests of insured (policyholders). We provide high-quality settlement consisting in effective methods of settlement for damages, cooperation with clients to prevent and minimize damage from insured events allows for a quality settlement.

We look with confidence to the future: dynamic development, a clear organization of work, responsibility and professionalism are the keys to our success.

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Since the beginning of the year in Belarus there are more than 750 thefts of vehicles, – reported in the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department.

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