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Legal entities (individual entrepreneurs) registered in the Republic of Belarus face emergency situations, including risks of damage or loss of property belonging to them. To not worrying about the financial costs of neglected emergencies, it is better to protect yourself by concluding an insurance contract.

Insurance rates (in% of the sum insured):

Buildings and premises from 0.06%;
Equipment from 1%;
Goods in stock from 0.08%;
Office equipment from 1.1%;
Clearing expenses – 0.2% of the sum insured for expenses.

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Risk package

The main risks:

Damage or destruction of property as a result of:

  • fire (regardless of the cause, including arson), a lightning strike, explosion, abnormal exposure to electricity (overload of the network, drop or increase in voltage, exposure to electromagnetic fields, short circuit, short circuit in the winding, electric induction, electric discharge, stray currents and etc.)
  • crash of a manned aircraft, its parts or cargo;
  • exposure to liquid, steam;
  • actions of natural forces and phenomena;
  • theft, unlawful actions of third parties (except for a traffic accident);
  • falling on the insured property of objects, traffic accident, collision, impact, collision (bulk), overturning;
  • violations of the special storage regime.

Additionally, we insure the risks of loss or damage:

  • machinery and equipment (excluding electronic equipment) as a result of breakdown;
  • electronic equipment as a result of a breakdown;
  • property as a result of illegal or careless actions of the employees of the Insured (Beneficiary). Insuring this risk, the damage resulting from the intent of the employees of the Insured (Beneficiary) is not compensated;
  • property as a result of other external influences: actions of animals, collapse (collapse) of buildings, structures (parts of buildings, structures), shock of sound waves by aircraft;
  • property as a result of any kind of military operations, civil war, terrorist acts;
  • property due to construction and installation work in the immediate vicinity of the object accepted for insurance;
  • property pledged, rented (leased), leased as a result of confiscation, seizure, seizure, destruction or damage to the insured property by order of state authorities, if the Policyholder provides the Insurer with the right to claim against the person responsible for the damage.

Objects of insurance:

  • basic: buildings, separate parts of buildings (floor, premises), structures, transmission devices, utilities, equipment, machinery, railway rolling stock (including draft, freight, passenger, self-propelled and non-self-propelled, general-network and industrial transport, general purpose and special vehicles, as well as track equipment of all types) etc. Glazing (external, internal) of buildings (premises), decoration and equipment of buildings (premises), structures, may be insured as part of a building (room), structure or separately;
  • revolving funds (inventory, inventories, raw materials, work in progress, finished products, construction, industrial materials, fuels and lubricants, goods, packaging and other types of revolving funds);
  • capital construction facilities.

Advantages of property insurance in UIC «BelVEB Insurance»:

  •      25 years at the Republic of Belarus insurance market;
  •      Selection of individual insurance options (risks and objects);
  •      Payment guarantee;
  •      Competitive insurance products;
  •      A wide selection of insurance products
  •      Effective control over minimization of insurance risks of clients.

Интересные факты

According to the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Belarus for 2018, 6104 fires occurred on the territory of the Republic, 1169 buildings were destroyed by fire.

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