Freight Insurance

According to its development concept, insurance of freight risks is one of the priorities of UIC “Belvneshstrakh”.

Freight insurance provides an opportunity to avoid unnecessary losses associated with adverse events during freight traffic, possible losses arising under civil liability of carriers and forwarding agents, during transportation of goods by any mode of transport. Insurance against accidents and diseases during abroad trips ensures provision of twenty-four-hour medical care outside the Republic of Belarus.

On beneficial terms for freight insurance, you can use the following services:

  • Freight insurance;
  • Insurance of carrier’s civil liability;
  • Insurance of carrier’s civil liability, domestic shipments;
  • Insurance of forwarding agent’s civil liability;
  • Insurance of carrier’s civil liability, for dangerous freight;
  • Insurance of customs carrier’s liability;
  • Insurance against accidents and illnesses on a trip abroad.

Advantages of freight insurance in UIC “Belvneshstrakh”:

  • advantageous insurance rates and flexible payment system;
  • minimum exceptions to insurance coverage;
  • insurance contracts comply with international standards and requirements of foreign banks;
  • freight insurance without cost limitation, carried on any routes, by any mode of transport;
  • unique opportunity for insurance of risks associated with military actions, strikes, acts of terrorism, civil unrest;
  • qualified support (damage assessment, determination of causes of an insurance event) anywhere in the world.
  • customer-oriented approach, complete and timely provision with all necessary information.

We guarantee you reliable insurance protection of your interests.

You can get more detailed and necessary information on the cooperation with “Belvneshstrakh” by tel. +375 17 209 24 16 or at our office at Skryganova Street, 6.

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