Real estate and household goods Insurance

Belveb Insurance will protect your family budget from unexpected financial losses, if as a result of emergencies your house, apartment, cottage and household property will suffer.

In order to insure an apartment, it is not necessary to be its owner. But it is worth remembering that the insurance indemnity is received exclusively by a person interested in preserving the property, a person who is financially responsible for it on the basis of an official document.

Insurance included:

Buildings of citizens:

Household property of citizens:

Insurance of real estate and household property from 30 us dollars.

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The insurance policy provides a cash payment that you can spend on the repair and restoration of their homes and property.

The insurance policy covers loss (death) or damage to property as a result of the following circumstances:

  • fire, explosion;
  • water damage, due to failure of water supply, Sewerage, heating, cooling systems or air conditioning systems, crash systems, fire extinguishing, water penetration from adjacent premises not owned by the Insured, and also due to the impact on the insured property of substances intended for fire fighting (including fire-extinguishing powder compositions);
  • mechanical damage due to the impact of vehicles, falling aircraft or parts thereof, cargo or other objects falling from the aircraft, as well as the impact on the insured property of the air shock wave formed during their fall, the fall of trees, pillars, astronomical objects (meteorites, comets, asteroids), construction cranes, major repairs or reconstruction (redevelopment, conversion) of adjacent premises not belonging to the Insured, the actions of wild animals;
  • natural disasters: storms, whirlwinds, hurricanes and other movement of air masses caused by natural processes in the atmosphere with a wind speed of more than 22 m/s; lightning; floods; hail; floods; floods; earthquakes; landslides; heavy rain; heavy snowfall; groundwater outlet, subsidence associated with natural disasters;
  • illegal actions of third parties;
  • failure of electrical equipment as a result of overvoltage in the power supply.

Advantages of real estate and household property insurance in the company «BelVEB Insurance»:

  • a wide range of insurance programs;
  • favorable insurance rates and flexible payment system;
  • insurance protection for those who have not yet managed to legalize the redevelopment of the apartment;
  • client-oriented approach, full and timely provision of all necessary information to the client.

Comprehensive programs-a unique offer that includes insurance coverage against 4 major risks at a competitive price:



Интересные факты

In Belarus, more than a million contracts of insurance of apartments, houses, property and liability of apartment owners are concluded annually.  All these people, aware of the possible consequences, made a reasonable choice and took care of their financial protection. Moreover, insurers only in 2017 paid 65.5 million rubles of compensation to citizens for these risks.

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