Insurance program: «Apartment – Combi»

The unique program of the combined insurance of the apartment «APARTMENT-COMBI» allows to insure simultaneously:

The following insurance rates are available:

  • Optima-72 rubles, payments up to 30 000 rubles;
  • Standard-48 rubles, payments up to 20 000 rubles;
  • Economy – 24 rubles, payments up to 10 000 rubles.
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Insurance payments under the insurance program «APARTMENT-COMBI» are provided in the following cases:

  • fire, explosion;
  • mechanical damage due to hitting vehicles, falling aircraft trees, poles and other objects, etc.;
  • natural disasters, including storms, whirlwinds, hurricanes, lightning strikes, hail, heavy rain, subsidence associated with natural disasters;
  • illegal actions of third parties;
  • failure of electrical equipment as a result of overvoltage in the power supply;
  • liability of users of premises on the obligations arising in case of causing damage to the property of victims when using premises;
  • disability or death of the Insured.

Advantages of the insurance program «APARTMENT-COMBI»:

  • protection against the maximum number of insurance risks;
  • insurance payment under the “first risk” system, which provides for the payment of compensation for damage based on the total amount of insurance coverage for the first event of the insured events (the limit of liability is not divided by insurance risks);
  • choice of insurance options;
  • low cost of insurance;
  • fast conclusion of the insurance contract (without inspection).


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Every year in our country there are more than 6 thousand fires, more than 10 thousand burglaries, as well as tens of thousands of flooding of apartments.

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