Accidents and Illnesses Insurance for the period of travel abroad

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A traveler needs an insurance policy for:

Visa registration. One of the conditions for entry into certain countries is the availability of a health insurance policy. For example, in order to obtain a visa to the Schengen countries, it is necessary to have a health insurance policy in the amount of at least 30 000 euros, covering all costs that may arise in connection with the forced return for medical reasons requiring urgent medical care, in connection with emergency hospitalization or death while staying in the Schengen country

Receiving medical care. Accident and illness insurance during a trip abroad guarantee the organization of round-the-clock medical care outside the Republic of Belarus. Abroad, medical care, even a simple consultation with a doctor, is very expensive. The cost of the policy is ten times lower than the tourist will spend on treatment.

The insurance covers the following risks:

The cost of the insurance policy – from 2 euros (us dollars).

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The policy reimburses the Policyholder’s expenses related to:

  • treatment caused by an acute illness (including exacerbation of a chronic disease) or an accident:
    • outpatient and inpatient treatment;
    • used medicines, medical supplies (dressings, etc.);
    • visit of a doctor to the Insured person for medical reasons;
    • emergency dental care (the relief of acute pain), if the cost of this type does not exceed 250 USD / Euro, depending on the currency of the sum insured;
    • monitoring the condition of the Insured person, and the dynamics of treatment (for medical reasons).
  • transport services resulting from an accident, illness or death of the Insured person, including:
    • medical evacuation (including emergency);
    • medical repatriation (including emergency repatriation);
    • posthumous repatriation of the body of the Insured person, if the death occurred as a result of the insured event;
    • travel of the Insured person to the country of permanent residence, if the departure did not take place in time due to the occurrence of the insured event;
    • sending urgent messages to the family of the injured Insured person in connection with medical evacuation, medical or posthumous repatriation.
  • legal assistance, in the form of payment for the services of a lawyer to protect the interests of the Insured person in connection with the claims, provided that:
    • the need for the provision of services by a lawyer is related to a sudden illness or an accident that occurred to the Insured person;
    • as a result of intentional actions of the Insured person in connection with causing harm to his health as a result of an accident.

Advantages of insurance against accidents and illnesses during a trip abroad, in the UIC “BelVEB Insurance”:

  • Possibility to choose the territory of the insurance contract;
  • The possibility of concluding an insurance contract for a once trip or multiple departures;
  • The possibility of concluding an insurance contract for a period of 1 day to 2 years;
  • Discounts at repeated conclusion of insurance contracts;
  • Online insurance;
  • Possibility of insuring online;
  • Bonuses to card holders of Bank BelVEB OJSC;
  • Convenient way to communicate with service providers;
  • 24-hour assistance;
  • Predominantly Russian speaking staff;

The cost of insurance depends on:

  • Sum insured/limit of liability;
  • Territory of the insurance contract;
  • Age of the insured;
  • Type your vacation (peaceful or active).

Интересные факты

The cost of consulting a doctor abroad, depending on the specialization, starts from 50 euros, basic examination — from 350 euros, blood test — from 300 euros. Hospital treatment (approximately 4 days stay) can cost up to 5,000 euros.

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