Accidents Insurance

Financial protection of yourself and your loved ones from unforeseen situations involving harm to life or health.

Insurance against accidents and diseases is a popular service that will help to protect the family budget in case of an accident and illness. The received insurance payment can be directed to treatment and restoration of health or to other purposes at its discretion.

Accident insurance is necessary:

Insurance rate for injuries 1.36%.

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The insurance covers the following risks:

  • Injuries, including fractures and dislocations of bones, teeth, wounds, ruptures of organs (partial and complete), ingress of foreign bodies into organs and tissues, burns, frostbite, electric shock (including lightning), etc.;
  • Incapacity as a result of accident;
  • Incapacity as a result of illness;
  • Passing away from an accident;
  • Passing away as a result of illness.

Accident insurance contract may be concluded with liability:

  • at home;
  • at work and at home;
  • at the time of execution of official duties and travel time to place of duty and back;
  • for the duration of official duties;
  • during the trip by road, rail, water and air transport;
  • while road transport of passengers and driver of the lump-sum system (lump-sum system – system of insurance of driver and passengers from accidents in which the insured amount is determined for the entire vehicle, and each of which the person is insured at the appropriate proportion of the total insurance amount, which is calculated as the ratio of insurance amount to the number of seats);
  • for athletes – for the duration of games, competitions, training in a sports complex, stadium, sports camp;
  • at the time of events cultural and entertainment, sports and recreation institutions;
  • for the duration of your stay at the hotel.

Advantages of insurance accidents in the insurance company UIC “BelVEB Insurance”:

  • Программы страхования предусматривают покрытие широкого спектра рисков;
  • You can choose an individual insurance program;
  • It is possible to conclude an insurance contract with the territory of validity not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also anywhere in the world;
  • The sum insured can be set in Belarusian rubles or foreign currency (the currency of the sum insured);
  • Installment payment of the insurance premium is provided at the conclusion of the insurance contract for a year.

Examples of insurance programs.

For each client, we can choose individual conditions that meet his needs in insurance.

For the breadwinner of the family:

Option Insurance risks Coverage amount

Insurance contribution

  1. Passing away from an accident;
  2. Disability from an accident
10 000 rubles 19 rubles
  1. Passing away from an accident;
  2. Disability from an accident;
  3. Injuries
10 000 rubles (passing away + disablement), 5 000 rubles – injuries 87 rubles

Children’s insurance:

Option Insurance risks Coverage amount Insurance contribution
I Injuries 1 000 rubles 13,6 rubles
II Sport Injuries 1 000 rubles 20,4 rubles

Family protection:

Option Insurance risks Coverage amount Insurance contribution


For adults:

  1. Passing away from an accident
  2. Disability from an accident
5 000 rubles for each insured person adult 9,5 rubles per adult
For children:


1 000 rubles – for each child 13,6 rubles per adult

Интересные факты

According to the Ministry of health, about 800,000 people are injured annually in the Republic of Belarus.

Household injuries account for 76.7%, the second place is occupied by street injuries-14.7%, sports injuries – 1.1%, road transport-1.3%, industrial – 1.0%, other – 6.2%.

Injuries in children account for 16.5% of the total number of injuries in the Republic of Belarus.

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